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A little preview of a photoshoot in #toronto with @mish_tripp & her photographer hubby C Fourney. 💜 #stormtrooper #stormtroopertoronto #graffiti #knuts #tk17771 - if anyone knows the artist (Knuts) with the sticker above me please let me know!
Pre-troop selfie! #nihilus #darthnihilus #501stlegion #captialcitygarrison
Day 5 - mermaid
doodlin a dude

Fanart from Soul Eater! Finally finished <3Maka & her weapon Soul, Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki, Death the Kid and his weapons Liz & Patty, and a handful of enemies in the background. Erica Frog, Medusa, Crona, and Arachne. And my favourite setting setters, the infamous sun and moon. 
Sketched & inked in Paint Tool Sai, pieced together and coloured (because it was over 10 000 pixels high, lol) in Photoshop.Prints will be available at Anime Weekend in Atlanta, GA (Sept 26-29), please see my blog entry about where you will be able to find me in the Artist Alley! 
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE as it took me what feels like half a year to complete this piece! :D

Guys my friend spent so long on this and it’s so perfect! Don’t know the show personally but this makes me wanna watch it!

Anonymous asked: How old are you?


Progress of my DnD group drawing I’m working on.

Help me choose what my DnD char looks like please!